Everyone Has One Good Book in Them Part 1


  1. Michael B Stewart
    Michael B Stewart August 25, 2019 at 9:24 am .

    My major issue with browsing the internet is far too often finding stuff from many years ago with a few comments and then left “unattended” even if a particular post/article were much more relevant to something in the present time and space!
    My other issue is that there is also mostly so very little “committed” discussion! It is more frequently like such posted comments were akin to shouting out while one is exiting to work, to lunch, errands… whatever! Generally with little for-thought at all! And most especially with whatever forever evolving cliches can shorten the “thought”!
    Thank you for your patience! Now I shall give you my “coup de gras”! Though you will not be the recipient!!!
    There have always been those that impress us with stuff that could only possibly come out of a “superior” god-graced intellect! Such an example might be Christopher Hitchens… or perhaps even Oscar Wilde! Yet just as the humour we are in-undated with today we surely have the wisdom to ponder our situation (whatever it is) after the first laugh! After all comedy is the most serious (acting) business that there is! You know what I mean!
    Hitchens was not being sarcastic so much as offering us a way out of our personal demise!!! “…and in most cases, is what it should stay!” Without further knowledge of Hitchens I would still wager to guess that he was more concerned for an environment which we are now facing due to the internet and a more “global world” than he was for people actually writing and “publishing” their books. That he was REALLY concerned that people not take the time to write their book… rather using cliche and copy of other’s thought and experience rather than their own REAL LIFE!
    Prove me wrong! If so I guess Christoper Hitchens had a “sadistic” sense of humour!!!!

    Above all thank you all very much for sharing this historical perspective and how to incorporate such ideas in to the present realities!

    1. Michael B Stewart
      Michael B Stewart August 25, 2019 at 9:46 am .

      OOPS! I goofed on paragraph 4 last line!!! I should have included the full quote:
      “Comedy is a serious business. A serious business with only one purpose–to make people laugh.” W. C. Fields
      However that said… It is easier to leave the last part out of this quotation to get the questions stirring within our intellects! (Not implying that it takes a lot of work to be a comedian (comedienne) but that the process in itself is “…very serious business”!

      Yes! Comedy helps us face the most traumatic difficulties of human life. When we LAUGH we also often CRY! We depart these moments of “comic relief” weakened of that incredibly efficient capacity of our human nature to deny abuse, pain, anguish, anger… so-on and so-on! At least for a moment we are set free! We are no longer living subjects the the greatest suppression of all… that which comes from within!!!

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