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Stan Skrabut

Stan Skrabut is an instructional technologist, lifelong learner, and author of the new book Read to Succeed: The Power of Books to Transform Your Life and Put You on the Path to Success. He has spent his career helping people and organizations achieve improved performance. He uses informal learning, especially reading, as a way to improve himself and his teams. His interest in informal learning inspired his dissertation topic, Study of Informal Learning among University of Wyoming Extension Educators.

Stan Skrabut lives with his wife and two dogs in upstate New York. Nomadic by nature, he loves to travel and has lived in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Turkey, and various locations across the United States. He is a scholar, teacher, veteran, martial artist, and avid reader. He has worked as a guard, organizational trainer, instructional technologist, webmaster, systems programmer, lecturer, and director. He shared his passion for reading through his blog where he writes book reviews of what he has read.


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