Once you have a body of work that you feel good about, you might find yourself considering publishing the work.  You want to get it into the hands of people who might enjoy it, beyond your uncle Harry who thinks everything you do is genius.   How Many Books are Published Each Year? There is… Read more »

We are pleased to announce that Inside the Chinese Wine Industry by Loren Mayshark has been released to critical acclaim. The book focuses on the history of wine in China and takes a deep look at how the industry has grown to where it is today and also delves into what can be expected in the… Read more »

How Can We Get That Story Out? Last time, we contemplated the idea that everyone has at least 1 good book in them.  So let’s say that is true, and let’s say you have an exceptional story in you; how do we get that story on paper?  And once on paper, how can we hone… Read more »

“Everyone has one good book in them” is a phrase that we often hear.  When I researched who might have said it first, I found an article from Interesting Literature and the following information: “ It’s perhaps most familiar to readers as a Christopher Hitchens witticism. Hitchens (1949-2011) was a hugely influential journalist and public… Read more »

Writing is difficult work. To make a decent piece it not only takes a great deal of effort to create a draft, but there must be a rigorous editing process. All writers put some of themselves into what they write: their time, ideas, passion, etc. So, no matter how bad you might think it is… Read more »

Are you new to the world of writing? Do you want to make it into a career or perhaps just as a hobby? You’re likely wondering what to write first. Perhaps, you have in mind an epic novel like one of Sue Grafton’s? Did you know that Sue Grafton also wrote a collection of short… Read more »