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Inside the Chinese Wine Industry New Release

We are pleased to announce that Inside the Chinese Wine Industry by Loren Mayshark has been released to critical acclaim. The book focuses on the history of wine in China and takes a deep look at how the industry has grown to where it is today and also delves into what can be expected in the future of this rapidly growing industry.

Inside the Chinese Wine Industry is an intriguing journey through China’s landscape and history where you will discover the startling story of China’s meteoric rise in the making of fine wine. In fact, China is slated to become the number 2 producer of wine in 2020.

From the author

“I have written both fiction and non-fiction, but my two previously published books are both non-fiction. The process of writing this book has shown me that no two books are the same; every book is a new adventure. Inside the Chinese Wine Industry is by far the most ambitious project I have undertaken on the subject of wine and I have learned a great deal on this journey which has taken nearly three years to complete. It has been fascinating to immerse myself in the world of wine, especially the exciting history of wine in China.” -Loren Mayshark

Here is what people are saying about the book

“The voice is that of a historian, channeling enthusiasm and admiration through diligent research and achieving balance in the delivery. Some information speaks for itself; at other times, apt interpretations of the significance of the research are imparted. This approach is accessible, even to those who do not have much prior knowledge of Chinese history and culture. Charts and graphs encapsulate vast information, like the history of the wine industry from 10,000 BCE, and capture trends in wine consumption and production. A joy to read, Inside the Chinese Wine Industry honors an industry and culture, inviting deep appreciation of a beautiful realm of oenophilia.” –Foreword Clarion Reviews (Five-Star Review)

“This book should be the first book anybody with an interest in the Chinese wine industry, its history, how it has been shaped, where it stands, and what the future holds should read. Extremely well-written and enlightening even for those with no knowledge of the industry.” –The International Review of Books (Five-Star Review)

“I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars, as it is extremely well-organized in both format and content, following a logical layout of events and statistics that provide insight into the wine industry in China. The content is also well-rounded, not ignoring things that could easily be overlooked such as the impact that mobile commerce or climate change are having on the wine industry. Furthermore, the look at personal stories of people who have gone to China to set up vineyards provided small narrative breaks from the more factual prose.” –OnlineBookClub.Org

Inside Chinese Wine Industry cover with grapes

Not only are the critics excited, but so are readers. Inside the Chinese Wine Industrydebuted as the #1 New Release on Amazon in Chinese travel. It continues to be a hot seller.

You still have a few days to take advantage of the $0.99 introductory price for the eBook version. So don’t delay and pick up your copy today!