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Laura Lipari: The Emergence of an Author Part I

There are many paths that lead one to become an author. Laura Lipari’s journey to publication is as colorful and unorthodox as any. Laura has always been an educator. She graduated from college in 1939 at the age of 22 when a lot of women didn’t do this. Soon after graduation, she had a double position of teaching Italian at Cleveland College and at the same time she taught French to high schoolers. Her contract read that if she got pregnant, she would be dismissed, and if she got married, her contract would not be renewed. But she fell in love and did get married, and her husband brought her back to Italy where she taught English. (link this part in her blog series) She was already fluent in English, Italian, French, Spanish and eventually gained proficiency in German. She was the quintessential life-long learner. Therefore, a foray into the world of writing was not a stretch.

Laura Lipari Teaches the Bible

Later in life, she put the same energy that she brought to linguistics into learning both the Old and New Testament. Then in her older years, a teacher at heart, she taught Bible classes to adults. She did a tremendous amount of research to teach these bible groups. During that time, she developed a great rapport with Father Amos in Cleveland, Ohio, who subsequently became Bishop Amos.

Ms. Lipari’s Transformation

Laura always was involved in youth groups. So, it was natural for her to choose, at the age of 85, to write these stories down for children to learn the bible in the way an educator presents a lesson. This was the birth of the Grandma Shares Her Faith series which seeks to explain complex topics to young people. She uses her skills in a way that makes the child feel comfortable in asking questions and in turn be asked thought-provoking questions. Then, as all good instructors do, she checks for understanding. These books became an instant success, but when her original publisher folded, she needed to find another publisher that could help her realize her vision. It is with great honor that we recently presented the second book in her series, Cain and Abel (due out later this month), to Laura who is now 103-years-old. Working with Ms. Lipari is a constant reminder to never stop dreaming and to never stop learning and growing.  We hope you join us in sharing Grandma’s faith with a fresh outlook.