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Laura Lipari: The Emergence of an Author Part 2

Laura Lipari wrote a series of children’s books that reflects her teaching abilities and interest in religious doctrine. But also she led a fascinating and challenging life, and friends and family wanted to hear her story.

From Oral Historian to Author

People have been telling oral histories since well before Gutenberg’s printing press. This tradition is said to have begun around fires as primitive men swapped tales of slaying beasts. Her writing career began as part of that  long oral tradition. Laura in true oral tradition began telling the stories of her life and relatives on both sides to her children.  It was part of how she wished to carry on the stories of the family. By popular demand, her stories were then shared with other family and friends.  She continued in oral tradition of telling stories about incidents that ranged from romantic to frightening.

The Birth of a 90-Year-Old Author

The stories became so popular that friends and relatives began to clamor for her to write them down, so they would not be lost.  Finally, at the age of 90, she began to write. She started slowly, but the momentum carried her in directions that she could not have foreseen had she not been encouraged to take the leap.  She began with her books on faith and created a series covering the beginning stories of the Old Testament in a style suitable for children.   Being a history buff, she was intrigued by her husband’s family history in Sicily.  She listened to the stories of her mother-in-law, husband’s grandfather, uncles and cousins.  She discovered that these real life events were thrilling.

Laura Lipari Leaving a Legacy

She also wanted to make sure her children knew the history of their father’s family. So, she began to put on paper the real stories of her own life experiences, as well as the history of her husband’s family in Sicily.   Her debut novel (due out in Spring 2018) The Young Sicilian Rebel grew out of these stories, because she was awed by the story and the reality of true daring at the time that Garibaldi was helping to cast out foreign occupation in order to unite Italy for the first time. Her husband’s grandfather was a heroic figure who served as an inspiration that will live for generations. What began as bedtime stories for her children morphed into a trilogy of original novels.